The Lemon Collective was founded by Dennis Outten and Christopher Moore in 2012 as a platform for artists of all disciplines based in Liverpool.  Taking inspiration from the exuberant and inclusive culture of Liverpool, we have invested heavily in building a positive support network within the city for emerging artists.

We have a core team of multi-disciplinary artists that work together to generate ambitious and exciting ideas for exhibition, performance and collaboration.  Our goal has always been to work together to produce art that is accessible and socially conscious but also ingrained with our unique personality and humour.

The past year we have worked with performers, scientists, comedians, artists, musicians and writers to deliver an exciting array of events and exhibitions.  Some of our partners and collaborators include Bring the Fire Project, Spin Cycle & Rinse and Threshold Festival.

If you are an artist or organisation and want the opportunity to work with us feel free to get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.


Our Threshold Festival 2013 stage.

Our Threshold Festival 2013 stage.

Take a look at our events page for galleries and information.


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  1. Hiya Collective, great blog and good luck with your mission. You are doing exactly the same as we are attempting on the Wirral. So we understand what you are trying to achieve, maybe we could help each other out in certain things who knows. Keep up the good work regards Team HuB

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