Laura Sullivan

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Laura Sullivan
is a visual artist specialising
in mixed media, her work embraces
traditional artistic processes adapting them
with a contemporary outlook questioning the
contemporary aesthetic. Based in Liverpool working
on projects and independent work in the city, ideas of
escapism, movement and environment are ever present in
her work. Her working style is driven by being experimental
using traditional methods and materials for making art.
Multi-media art and collaboration is something that is
both an inspiration and a way of working, ideas
are realised through a body of work or a
collection of works rather than
one individual piece.

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Graduated 2013 Liverpool John Moores University 1st Class Honors in Fine Art
Residencies, workshops & other education
Etching, the Bluecoat school 2013
Bamboo weaving, Merz Barn Cumbria 2012
Building Carnival Floats, Broughaha 2011

20:20 Exhibition; the Bluecoat touring UK print exhibition 2014 | Stuff People Should See
December 2013; Fallout Factory| Lessedra Mini print exhibition; Sofia, Bulgaria December
2013-January 2014 | Cairn st Market; Liverpool 2013
| Unfold art & music exhibition; View Two Gallery1/12/12 | The Lemon Collective presents
‘Underground Playground’; Williamson Tunnels Liverpool- 2013 | Lemon Labs; District
Liverpool- 2013 | Liverpool Doors; Liverpool museum 2011-present

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Laura Jade Sullivan works 2012-13
The Lemon Collective zine

Related work history
Beach Break Live Décor team 2012
Liverpool’s Brazillica festival 2012 building carnival floats
Hobo Bazarr; Hoax Liverpool 2013- present


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