The Glass Factory

The Glass Factory
Mark It & Liverpool Street Art Festival have acquired the use of a giant warehouse in the Baltic Triangle and we want to share it with the creative folk of Liverpool.The space will be managed by the Lemon Collective, supported by Hobo and using our collective creative skills we will be hosting an exciting program of workshops, creative skill sharing, participatory events, pod casts, and filling the space with the best of Liverpool’s emerging art.We want The Glass Factory to become a hive of activity, buzzing with innovative, cross art form collaborations, offering artists the chance to develop professionally by learning and sharing artistic skills.
Our Mission

The Glass Factory is bookable for:

– Rehearsal space
– Exhibition space
– Large Scale Installations
– Performance space
– Workshop teaching space
– Construction space
– Showcase events
– Artistic and professional development through skill sharing workshops.
– Promotion through The Glass Factory, The Lemon Collective & HOBO’s web presence (social media/websites).
– Networking opportunities through meeting other artists and potential collaborators.


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