The Glass Factory supports a number of creative groups, individuals and organisations in Liverpool. Here you can find information about their creative practice, links to their websites and details about their upcoming exhibitions, events and happenings.



Bring The Fire Project 

Bring the Fire Project is the first fire dancing group based in Liverpool. Project was founded in 2012 by two dedicated fire performers and circus skills teachers – Sai and Kala. They wanted to bring an opportunity for everyone to discover the beauty of fire arts, not only as an amazing entertainment, but also as an unique skill that anyone can enjoy. Their personal journey with fire dancing has started in 2006. When they fist attended poi workshops and discovered this beautiful art they fell in love at first sight. Initially practice was only a hobby, a kind of movement meditation, a creative way of spending free time, but over the years transformed into an addictive passion that changed their lives. In the last 7 years they have attended (and conducted) many fire dancing workshops, taken part in various performance projects, and been hired for shows around Europe. Now they work as a growing collective providing performers for hire, promoting fire arts in Liverpool (Liverpool Fire Sessions, Fire Dancincig Classes), collaborating with local communities, schools, and various cultural organization and audio-visual artists.

Project Thunderbucket


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