Dirty Weekend – The Lemon Head’s Anti-Punk Demonstration

The government doesn’t want you to be happy! The Tory’s don’t care if you’re miserable! Money shouts louder than your cries. Get a job and work hard.

Work so hard you’ll ache all over. Work so hard you’ll forget your name. Work for a racist-misogynist-homophobic-grease-serpent. Work for a puffed-up-fatcat-air-bag filled with paper-aeroplanes and dust.

Work for your logical-purpose and reason to get up in the morning. Work to make your bosses proud like a puppy rolling over and begging for scraps from the dinner table. Make work your meaning of life, your overwhelming need to please. Make work your lead-blanket-iron-lung-pacemaker, winding you down and switching you off.

Can’t find a job? Become self employed with the Tory’s latest statistic fudging quasi-governmental pathway to destitution scheme!

If Animal Farm taught us anything, it’s that we should all work really hard and not question anything.

Work-shy? Don’t be shy! Work it out with US, your friendly Lemon Collective advisers in vague association with Her Majesty the Queen’s Revenue and Customs and GOD himself.

We will be taking appointments at:

Dirty Weekend Festival

The Workhouse,



With 2D and 3D art installations, live demonstrations and performances, The Lemon Center Plus will help you on every step of your journey to wage-slavery.



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