Underground Playground

The Underground Playground

An interactive variety show hosted beneath the city of Liverpool in the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre. The show was a visceral experience taking the viewer on a journey through the world of advertising, media and subversion.

Playing host to some of the North West’s most promising, up and coming acts; the theme of advertising was re-presented through the mediums of art, comedy, music and theatrical performance.
Manifesting itself through the hilarious Manchester comedy duo, Him and Me TV, guests were invited to submerge themselves in the evening’s live extravaganza and marvel at the subversive media on show. A socially conscious discourse from Wasted Words formed beautiful imagery amid the spirited energy of James Nicholl’s live acoustic performances.
Later in the evening, The Fire beneath the Sea took to the stage with their 16 people strong experimental rap troupe, taking the audience on a spiritual journey through space and time. Their free-flowing and energetic music had the mind considering symmetry, symbolism and the ebb and flow of energy in the universe.

Featured artists:

  • Sophie Dawrick
  • Gemma Hulme
  • Robert James Dutton
  • Laura Sullivan
  • Debrea Lewis
  • Dennis Outten
  • James Nicholl
  • 2 – Toke
  • Dan Melling
  • Christopher Carr
  • Christopher J. Moore
  • Shaun Tyrell

Music and Performance Acts:

  • Him and Me
  • The Fire Beneath The Sea
  • Wasted Words
  • James Nicholl
  • Joe Ross – Fire Breathing

Take a look at Rory Dickson & James Nicholl’s spoken word


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