Kolga the Mermaid

So I’ve the privilege of having one of my poems turned into a puppetry performance. You cannot imagine the excitement of it. Growing up I always loved Jim Henson productions, Star Wars, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, The Muppets. A physical manifestation of my words, I’m actually a wizard!


Now I’ve used up my exclamation mark quota, onto the puppeteer/maker Alex, the new lemon. I first met Alex whilst working on The Wild Writers ImaginarIum. She made a puppet based on a short story by Charlotte Heather. Eva had a bird’s nest on her head and looked awesome. I was so jealous. I wanted a puppet. But there you go, a year passes and the next time I see Alex we are drunk at a new years eve party talking about working together. And so Kolga was born. Writing on the underwater theme for Threshold, I wrote a poem based on a mermaid/goddess called Kolga. In Norse mythology the Goddess of the sea is Ran. Wiki her, she is pretty wicked, if you’re into that kind of thing. Kolga is one of her daughters. I made her into a mermaid. I passed the poem onto Alex. Then we did everything else apart from work on puppet and poem.


We did stop motion (a special surprise to be revealed), made jelly fish, built underwater worlds and wrote monologues about eels. I arrived today and Kolga was under way. Salvaged from an old smoke lady puppet, she is being melted into more solid form and turned into a mermaid. I hashed out a basic stage script with cues for action. It all just started coming together. First thing all week to do so but we are moving forward. Things are getting done. I won’t tell you too much about it – come and see us perform if you want to know about it. I will post teasers to wet your appetite. Welcome to Octopia.

                                                                                  -Rebecca Brookfield


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