We all live in a Lemon Submarine

Thanks to Laura, Lawrence, Becky and Chris for coming down last night to help build the Lemon Submarine for Threshold Festival 2014! It was our first workshop in the John Moores ‘John Lennon’ Art and Design Academy with Sean Tolmie, local legend and workshop guru.

The idea we have is to build a giant lemon around a bicycle that someone can sit inside. It will have stabilisers of course, we don’t want any lemons crashing into 86 buses or unsuspecting arty peeps.

To start off everyone made a drawing of what they imagine the sub to look like and then compared all of their best bits:







We got our initial measurements in order for the framework and set to work applying paper maché to the yellow 3ft balloon. We still have to order a 5ft balloon too for the main section of the sub but here are some photos we took of the making process.





We have another workshop next Tuesday evening if anyone is interested in getting involved.

As the Lemon Head will soon say from his Lemon Submarine – Over and Out!


2 thoughts on “We all live in a Lemon Submarine

  1. Great drawings of the yellow submarine! Kind of reminiscent of Monty Python, or the Mighty Bouch! Lets hope you all have as great careers as those chaps. Just shows LJMU have as much talent as Oxford and Cambridge hey! Linda:)

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