Meet the new lemon… ALEX HERRING

A collaboration with a writer to make a short puppet performance to accompany a short extract of her work as part of the Wild Writers Imaginarium.

With the whole new year/new you thing still fresh in the collective subconscious, we thought what better way to reinvent ourselves than to get a new lemon on board. Here’s what she’s got to say:

Wow, what a busy first few weeks I’ve had with The Lemon Collective.

As the newest lemon to the group I’ve had some catching up on past events but its been amazing to look back at the year just gone and realise what everyone has achieved.

I’ve finally found the right bunch of weirdos to listen and appreciate my crazy ideas and feel privileged and excited to work with some very talented artists.

For me, this a great chance to reconnect with art, an area that often gets neglected through my busy theatre schedule and overwhelming variety of interests.

I have begun to explore new approaches to the way I engage with the arts, developing skills in street performance, interactive installations, site specific work, physical theatre and movement, mask work, clowning, improvisation, devising and fire poi.

By adding my skills in theatre design/performance to the big lemony cooking pot, I hope that what I learn and create will evolve into an innovative type of visual theatre, encouraging creative interaction between exhibition and performance.

I am very interested in developing site-specific work, transforming places into interactive dreamscapes that exhibit each TLC members different artistic response.

My current obsessions include….

  • mermaids, driftwood and anything else I find washed up on the beach that is made of rusty metal, my heart belongs to the sea and is a continual source of inspiration, particularly for our next underwater installation at Threshold Festival.
  • targeting the gaming community to respond to a theatrical role play game/experience.
  • taking art to the streets of liverpool to engage with new audiences, I want to make art that is accessible to all and provide people with a simple moment to stop, smile and appreciate the simple interactions with daily life.

I’m hoping to bring some zazz and theatricality to future lemon events, so keep an eye out for giant puppets, extravagant sculptural costumes and ambitious other-worldly set designs.

See you at Threshold for a lemony extravaganza of amazingness!

Lots of zesty love,


Keep an eye out for her full-biography and pictures and more extraordinary people on the Feature Artists section of our website. 


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