Down The Hatch Comedy Night

If you haven’t already Witnessed the Fitness then hopefully you’re in for a nice 4:43.


The Lemon Head’s music video ‘Witness the Fitness’ signifies the beginning of our first monthly comedy night at HOAX Liverpool starting on 25th September 2013.

The evening will play host to some of Liverpool’s most talented stand up comedians, performers and of course some of our trademark ‘spectacles’ (expect some very outrageous interventions, sketches and spoofs).

Tickets will be on sale at our stall at the Hobo Bazaar, the next one being at HOAX’s brand new bar and eatery – Hopskotch on the 15th September. Do be sure to come along and support our artists at the stall and to get your tickets early.


Debrea, Lee and Delia

Debrea, Lee and Delia


Details for ‘Down the Hatch’ will be released in the coming week!

The Lemon Collective


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