It’s only science, who needs science?

Science isn’t a new thing. Even though the word scientist wasn’t coined until the 19th century, science has been around since man first discovered fire. All the way back to ancient Greece, they called themselves crazy names like natural philosophers, and laid the foundation for the scientific revolution and the world we live in today.

But science never stops. No one will ever solve science. And science can’t solve all problems. Science is a constant stream of new theories disproving old theories, and has importance in all areas of your life. Social sciences dictate how you are organised, all state impositions on your life, what you’re not allowed to do and what you are allowed to do. Computer sciences create the phones that you stare at all day. The world runs on the internet. Thanks to advances in medical sciences, life expectancy has almost tripled. These are just a few examples.

So why not celebrate it? Why not have the worlds most eccentric, button mashing, fire balling, science fair party?

Wednesday the 17th of April.

Lemon Labs

Art, Music, Comedy and Performance.

61 Jordan Street.

  – The Lemon Head



One thought on “It’s only science, who needs science?

  1. you know, i think modern astronomers like Prof. Brian Cox should give a bit of credit to all the astroLOGERS of the past who laid the foundations for astrONOMY. Not that I’m into astrology considering all that it is a bit wierd how they diss it art every opportunity…

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