Threshold Festival Teaser

Have you got your tickets to Threshold Festival yet? If not, I would hurry up, there’s only a week to go. Katie Nicholas is now joining our line-up of James Nicholl, Ottersgear, Ukulele Club, Kalandra and Johnny Panic & The Fever.

Backstage at the Circus

Backstage at the Circus

We’ve also got magician comedian David Alnwick, Highline Walkers, Bring The Fire Project, Kitty Kimono burlesque artist, Ioisis Studios and our very own Lemon-Aides offering their eccentric brand of entertainment.

Here’s a sneaky preview of some of the acts on our stage.

Bring The Fire Project

David Alnwick

Johnny Panic and the Fever

We are selling tickets at £15, which is the cheapest you’ll find them anywhere, so get in contact on for more information, with Threshold Festival in the subject box.



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