The Lemon Head Talks!

When we walk down the high street we don’t see real life. We see a genetically modified version of life where the women are all airbrushed and the children aren’t obese. Why? The point of advertising is to inform us about new products and services, but when adverts are repeated as much as they are, what is their real purpose? These questions, and many more, have been pressurised and condensed into a heat sealed, fat free, all natural, dermatologically tested, cross cultural extravaganza at The Williamson Tunnels. Comedy, Art and Music all come together to question the institution of Advertising and it’s effect on the collective conscience.

Tickets for The Lemon Collective’s launch party are now on sale. Book yours well in advance to avoid disappointment. Tickets available from here.

Art, Comedy, Music and Alcohol, all under one roof.


Him + Me TV

Fire Beneath the Sea

26th of January

The Williamson Tunnels


Expect the unexpected…

The Lemon Headlemonhead


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