The Fire Beneath the Sea. Catch them if you can!

The Fire Beneath the Sea.

This progressive rap band are Liverpool’s most craziest and talented bunch of funtime dudes. They are wildly experimental and can’t really be boxed into any particular genre.

Except a great, big, fat, heap of FUN!

If you are not shaking that ass within minutes then you should probably stay at home and watch some more reality TV.

Catch them while you can because these guys will be supersonic stadium-fillers soon!

Please like their Facebook page here :

Upcoming gigs!

Sunday 9/12/12 – Zanzibar for Wireless Magazine

Monday 10/12/12 – Elevator Bar for Amnesty International -Friday 14/12/12 – Liverpool Bandstand in Williamson Square, approx 3:30pmSaturday 22/12/12 – Gig in Congleton, East Cheshire

Saturday 29/12/12 – Warrington gig

Saturday 12/1/13 – Hunger Games Battle of the Bands FINAL at Zanzibar

Saturday 26/1/13 – Williamson Tunnels

Saturday 2/2/13 – Battle of the Bands FINAL at Chevy’s Bar, Warrington.

A busy little time ahead of us, let’s go!

“We have travelled here through many different dimensions and many different forms. We planted The Sea in The Field after finding Energy and Magic. We returned on Day One and crossed The Barbed Wire Fence to climb The Hill to The Place. We had to walk through so much Sheep Shit to get there. At The Place we found Tranquility and Emotion and set to work on penning The Scroll. We now must take The Fire Beneath The Sea to The Surface……….”         The Fire Beneath the Sea

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