Reel Unknown Presents: The Hidden Picture Show. Secret location ooooooh!

Reel Unknown Presents: The Hidden Picture Show

Reel Unknown is back on 11th and 12th December, and for the last time of 2012 (but no fear, we will be back in the new year!)Expect more surprises and twists that will keep you guessing right until you sit down to watch the all important movie of the evening. Embrace your curiosity and purchase a ticket without knowing what film you are going to see or where you are to see it!

Ticket holders will be contacted a few days before the event to inform them of where they are to meet and at what time. It is from that moment that they will be transported in the world of the film. Theatre, design and film will combine to create a truly immersive cinematic experience for our audience, with action starting from the very beginning and continuing right until the very moment they leave the undisclosed venue!

WARNING: Don’t come expecting a festive seasonal film because you may be disappointed! But why not escape the stress of that time of the year for an evening, and experience something that we are (almost) sure you will have never experienced before!

Go ahead and get purchasing tickets via our website:

Reel Unknown is a new, Liverpool based company dedicated to creating affordable, dynamic cinematic events in unconventional locations. 


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