Unfold: An Artists Event that unfurled splendidly at View Two Gallery

Unfold: An Artists Event that unfurled splendidly at View Two Gallery

What happens when you bring together up and coming artists and musicians with a passion for unfolding the traditional, to create something fresh and new? … They raise the bar.

The first night in December saw a mightily successful opening evening of art and music held at the View Two Gallery in Mathew Street, Liverpool. A small but perfectly formed show of eight artist’s work from around the UK, curated by Laura Sullivan, was coupled with Thom Morecroft’s band launch and a selection of musical talent from the City.

The evening of art works formed a unique collection of different processes and media from artists working around the UK but with links with Liverpool. Ashlea Rowson, a recent exhibitor at the Tate, Liverpool; Amy Walker, a portrait artist with a new approach and Ruth Naylor, presently working in Falmouth’s wonderful light, all represented painting with a rich, considered and interconnecting elegance of style. Debrea Lewis, Kayleigh Devlin and Laura Sullivan, all artists based in the City, have taken print making into new dimensions, recounting experiences of travel and world issues. Daniel Christopher Clifton brought textural sculpture and origami folds into the mix, with panache and visual potency. Rachel Dare provided us with a strong and interpretive stills film to make the balance.

Unfold ArtistsUnfold Artists

The opening saw a steadily growing audience with appreciative and critical approbation for the exhibition, by the time the first of the superb acoustic sets were ready to perform at 8.30 those attending had swelled to fill the venue with over four times the expected crowd.

First on were Robert Vincent & company, playing to a packed, art cum cabaret, venue. A great mix, with their combination of acoustic guitar, double bass and smooth vocals, they set the mood for a mellow settling down enjoyed by all who attended. They were first class performers with a magic that hushed those present into the listening zone.

Next up was Silent Cities whose incredible vocal range held the audience spellbound; the lead singer’s voice an instrument of sounds and feelings. Dominic Dunn, only fifteen, exposed his powerful songstar abilities and his stage presence can only gather with maturity.

The highlight of the night’s musical affair was the band launch of Thom Morecroft, who didn’t disappoint. With excellent musicianship and harmonious vocals, their powerful lyrics smashed into people’s consciousness and rounded off a great opening night in style.

Tracey Escolme 2Tracey Escolme

The evening was indeed a creative unfolding of talent in arts and music in one perfectly formed venue. Providing a coherent and potent combination, with a comforting mellow edge that made it accessible and free riding.

Great exhibition, that set out to create a more personal and joined up approach to the arts, the gallery ‘unfolded’ until Wednesday 5th December.

Artists Include:                Featuring Musicians:
Ashlea Rowson             Thom Morecroft
Daniel Christopher        Clifton Robert Vincent
Debrea Lewis                Silent Cities
Kayleigh Devlin              Dominic Dunn
Rachel Dare
Amy Walker
Ruth Naylor
Laura Sullivan

Dan CliftonDan Clifton

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