Mello Mello featuring Tom George. Plus review. Plus December Mello Mello listings

A great FREE night is promised tonight at Mello Mello from 9pm featuring Tom George.

The bill also includes Electric Discharge Machine and Rowan Reed.

Plus FREE R & R DJs!

Be there or be a dodecahedron!


,Tom George

Last Nite and Me (mini-review)…

by tomgeorgearts

Last night I did a music and poetry set at Mello Mello in Liverpool. I played a new  song ‘Welcome to the World’ which went pretty well, considering I was reading the newly-written lyrics from sheets of paper which I gaffer-taped to the monitor onstage.

Also did some poems from my new collection including ‘Checkout Girl’ (I must have performed that poem about a hundred times now. It’s funny how poets often think they have to do new work all the time, but I’m not prolific like that. Also if I write something that’s good, why not keep performing it? Why does John Cooper Clarke still do ‘Beasley Street’? Because it’s a classic.

Second on the bill was Rowan Reid, an intense and sensual songstress that we don’t see enough of, I feel. Then again, she plays outside of her home town a lot, which is definately a good idea. As she says in one of her songs “I’m only 5 foot 3”, but she’s not short on talent. Did you get that??  not SHORT on talent. That’s a joke!!…mm, well anyway.

Next up were Electric Discharge Machine, who are apparently from all over the place. They sing at least two of their songs in French, have a standing-up drummer (like I used to be!) and rock out in ways that remind me alternately of the Stone Roses and…a band whose name I can’t remember bit they were noisy/dirty and classic. A bit like…erm, Electric Discharge Machine!

It was a small crowd, but kinda cosy under the twinkly stage lights. I enjoyed playing more than I have for ages. Result!

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