FACT calls out for proposals to occupy The Wall during ‘Winter Sparks’ exhibition. Excellent opportunity!

FACT are looking for proposals by creators from the North West region to occupy The Wall at FACT during the coming exhibition Winter Sparks

This initiative responds to FACT’s aim to enhance its support of emerging creators from the region, working with any medium, and actively participate in promoting them and introducing them in professional art circuits.

Qualifying projects will be made by an artist or a group of artists from the North West and explore issues common to the exhibition Winter Sparks.

The selected proposal will be displayed on The Wall at FACT throughout the entire duration of Winter Sparks 13 December 2012 – 24 February 2013.

About Winter Sparks

This exhibition turns away from the traditional understanding of the museum as a contemplative and over-cerebral white-cube space, and seeks to engage visitors on a journey through impressive large-scale reactive installations exploring the connections between art and science. Each work, in its own way, seeks to make scientific processes visible, while maintaining the illusion of magic and creating a sense of wonder in the spectator.

More information about Winter Sparks can be found here. 

About the process

  • FACT will provide a fee of £300, curatorial advisory, marketing and promotion and documentation.
  • The author/s of the selected proposal will provide the production of the work (if necessary), transport, installation and de-installation (under supervision of our technicians).
  • The author/s of the selected proposal will cede to FACT the rights for its exhibition during the period of the show.
  • The author/s of the selected proposal will cede to FACT the rights for its publication and reproduction for the promotional purposes of the programme and for their incorporation to FACT’s archive.
  • The selection of proposals will be decided by a professional panel and its decision will be final.

How to submit your proposal

Please send the following information to julia.youngman@fact.co.uk by 16 November 2012.

  • Title of project.
  • Rationale and description of project (maximum 600 words).
  • Technical requirements of project.
  • Images of project.
  • Sketch of the exhibition design, adapted to the dimensions of The Wall. (The Wall measures 996cm (in length) x 501cm (in height). As you can see in the images attached a permanent bench occupies part of the length and height of The Wall at the right hand side; the bench measures 601.7cm (in length) x 48.3cm (in height).
  • CV or résumé of the applicant(s) (maximum 300 words).
  • Access to the project via a website where possible.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects will be assessed taking the following criteria into consideration:

  • The artistic and cultural value.
  • The relationship to the curatorial topics in Winter Sparks, in the broadest sense.
  • The adaptation to the specific space (The Wall).
  • The technical feasibility of the proposal in terms of its rendition.
  • Capacity to engage with wider audiences through collaborative or participatory processes.
  • Impact of the project.



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