What is ‘Smashing life?’

Myself and Chris had a very interesting conversation on sunday night after a hefty one in The Grapes…

We began talking about the phrase ‘Smash Life’that we’ve been using as our motto, mantra and moniker for living life to what we recognise as the fullest it can be right now.

Everyone needs some TLC in their lives.

It’s such a slang, scouse-feeling phrase that we’ve been using to describe something as deep and motivating as getting up every day bright and early to go out and put our efforts into creative ideas.  Smashing Life may sound quite harsh or perhaps a little callow but it is also fun, memorable and easy to associate with putting a lot of effort into your goals.  Our very own ‘Smash life’ poster hangs proudly in our living room to keep us motivated as we scoff our morning bacon butties.

Its bright, hopeful, but altogether deep imagery seems to capture the essence of our ambitions.  Against the norm. The Golden arches of McDonalds pierced with a cartoon knife, the dollar bill (or illuminati symbol/freemason symbol), the ASDA ‘S’ and the dainty Haribo ‘H’ seem to evoke a spectrum of different forces at work in our society.  I personally think the imagery, mixed with the cartoony approach is quite effective at summing up the odds we all feel we are facing on a daily basis. The corporations, the secrecy, the greed, the consumerism, the ferocity associated with a snake juxtaposed with the tepid childishness of the sweeties on the end.  Our society is swamped in icons and symbols that represent whimsical ideals and negative processes in which we live our daily lives. Life is our own to command after all and the choices we make as creative people can affect others for better or for worse.

Me and Chris fully believe we can begin to add our own concoction to the already beautiful culture we see every day in Liverpool.  We want to expound our ideas upon the public, upon the creatives, the thinkers, the movers and the shakers in our rich city to help throw more flavour into the mix of things.  We have a lot of very ambitious ideas, a desire to do well and the drive to help and inspire others along the ride.  Life isn’t just about climbing the ladder in institutions, workplaces and society itself, it’s about leaving others feeling inspired too and unleashing their potential for others to benefit from.  This is The Lemon Collective.This is what we want. To go forth and colloquially engage with the good people around us, helping others to Smash Life in the process.

A hidden tag in Liverpool…can you find it?

Our mantra, motto and moniker are therefore not just their namesake, they are a feeling of intense tingling hope we feel inside ourselves when we look forward at our goals, ambitions and dreams for Liverpool and The Lemon Collective.  They are the desire to move forward as one collective of creative thought and ambition. Smashing life is the notion of looking forward-looking back with great fervour and hindsight.

To bring you – our reader, comrade, collaborator, crony, compatriot, friend and ally – into the mix with our goals we’re glad to say that our website is going well in its construction, we have a meeting with the LJMU Entrepreneurship scheme tomorrow and also meetings with key figures in the University Art Academy lined up in the coming weeks.  We plan on acquiring a permanent premises in the next few weeks in which to base our actions and events with a space already in mind.  We have a fellow creative and life lover whom some of you may know from LJMU Art Workshop involved….the one and only Sean Tolmie. For those of you who don’t know him he is a qualified DT teacher working as a technician in uni and he is on board for organising workshops and knowledge sharing with students in the uni this coming year. We also have our original co-conspirtor Antonia ‘Scouse’ Richards involved again, based in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland where she will be bringing you some TLC on her little island. Things are looking positive as we planned and hoped them to be.

Quite a strange photo of two lemons.

Do keep your lovely eyes and ears peeled for more updates from TLC as we have some exciting times lined up for all to enjoy and take inspiration from.  In the meantime, like and follow our twitter, flickr, facebook and instagram (#lemoncollective #TLC) from this page to keep up-to-date with our regular photo uploads and anything we’re plotting for Liverpool.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, we sincerely hope it has shed a bit of light on what we at TLC are beginning to produce and planning.

Dennis and Chris.


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