Do drop by The Caravan Gallery! A very warm welcome for all. 15th – 23rd September. The Bluecoat Courtyard for the Liverpool Biennial Independents 2012.

Do drop by The Caravan Gallery to see this marvellously unique space with its thought provoking and curious gallery.

This is a Biennial must see!

Have a chat with Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale and share your own stories of local knowledge and strange facts.

The exhibition is really extraordinary and you will be guaranteed a giggle with these most hospitable and entertaining hosts!

Message from Jan & Chris.

IN/HOSPITALITY is an exhibition we’ve put together in response to this year’s Biennial theme of Hospitality.

15th – 23rd September

We’ll be showing a selection of photos we’ve taken in the UK and abroad exploring the idea of hospitality, and occasionally inhospitality. Our observations range from rebellious pigeon feeders and thoughtfully placed chairs in bus shelters to inhospitable hosts and unattractive attractions.

Thanks to the Bluecoat for inviting us back to their lovely courtyard. Needless to say we’ll do our best at The Caravan Gallery to maintain our usual standards of hospitality

Check out their website here:


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