The Plight and Delights of a modern Banker.

Bank, bank, bank, reserve, bank, bank, conserve, reserve, bank, bank, APR, bank, bank, investment, ISA, interest, bank, bank, reserve, loan, lending, credit, debit, credit, debit, cash, card, card, bank, bank.

Savings, saver, savings, bank.
Bank bank bank bank bank.
Cheque, savings, interest free
Cheque, savings, interest free. Free.

Sanctions, sanctions, banker bank. Interest, credit, debit, bank.
See it, see it, read it, try it.
Banker banker banker bank.

Money, money, banky bank. Lending, saving, overdraft. Credit, debit, loan, advance. Advance, bank, bank, bank.
Returned deposit, loan, advance.

Feeler, thinker, entertainer. Controller, banker, loan, reserve. FSA, FOS, flashy clicky banky bank.

Loan, quote, mortgage, loan.
Payment, cheque, banker moan.
Interest, credit, debit bank.
Insurance, assurance, customer bank.

Welcome to, welcome to, welcome to, bank. Thankyou for calling.



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