Gone Fishing…


Happiness is not a fish that you can catch….

There’s a song and album by Canadian band Our Lady Peace with that title. When you think about it, the title is pretty apt – happiness wasn’t a fish last time I checked anyway. It might have been a smiley face, but not a smelly kipper.

If you haven’t been fishing before you’re bound to think it looks very arduous with a lot of standing around with your rods out. Being a bit of a nooby myself I had the same misconception but quickly came to understand the pleasure behind the waiting game involved. It may look tedious and boring to the passer-by but I found there is a lot of intensity and build up to it. Especially with sea fishing anyway.


I went on a nice fishing night with my dad a few weeks back along the north coast of Wales. First we stopped off in Conwy for a spot of river fishing on the Menai and then followed the tide in all the way to Colwyn Bay. There were plenty of other hopefuls fishing with their tackle out along the sea. Despite the cheap, obvious fishing innuendos and rod-orientated banter it was a brilliant experience and a good chance to get to know my dad more, especially since I hadn’t fished with him for over 8 years.



I was using a really old rod from our shed that was falling apart but despite that I managed to catch a fish before my old man.

He’s since bought me a brand new telescopic beach rod that I’m looking forward to using.


There’s some beautiful sunsets along the north coast of Wales that you can really appreciate whilst fishing. There’s plenty of other folks mulling about enjoying the scenery, drinking in the tea and Welsh sea views.


It’s all very pretty and past time-ish which is actually quite nice to experience. I suppose the tranquility of sunset fishing must do something for the soul; I certainly felt a bit more connected with a part of the world I grew up loving from days out with the family, making memories that have inspired me to be who I am today.


It may sound a bit mad how there’s so much enjoyment and powerful happiness contained in a piece of wood and line, but it’s definitely a real experience. Besides you can fill your empty belly if you’re lucky or good enough to catch something, which is an old human delight in itself.




Fishing is an honest experience and I would recommend it. The photos I took capture some of the magic I felt that night but there’s plenty of room in the album for sharing more memories.





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