Derry Hunter – Liverpool Based Artist

Liverpool artist Derry Hunter’s installation of 5 sculptures appeared along the shore of Hoylake beach between 6th -8th July 2012.

‘He never calls, He never phones’ were a direct response to Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ installation of male statues along Crosby beach.

The aptly humorous title refers to the iron ladies unhappily waiting for their men to come back from Crosby beach. Of course, the male statues haven’t renewed their phone contracts so they never call their Hoylake other halves.

Also because they are statues and statues can’t talk or communicate anything more than a tingling feeling of inspiration when you stare at them during a sunset.

Derry Hunter’s work was targeted by vandals after their guerilla installation as part of the ‘Festival of Firsts’ in Wirral.  Derry will be working alongside The Lemon Collective helping us to create art and events in the Liverpool area.



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