Art in trees


Everyone loves a day out right? Well, fortunately I live 25 minutes from Lymm Dam. It’s a great place to womble about in the sun feeling happy with life, smiling at other people that go by as they’re also chuffed with their choice of day out like you are.

Aside from the nice paths going around the lake, the best thing I found around the park were the carvings in the trees. They’re randomly spaced along the waterside trail for you to stumble upon. The face carving is quite creepy but creepy art can be very memorable. Imagine seeing that gawping face on a dark night, coupled with the fact loads of bats are flying about (yes its a nature reserve)…You’d probably need some new underwear and a bit of therapy for post-traumatic stress.





The village itself is a 300m walk through a picturesque gorge called The Dingle. The trail snakes down along the stream from the dam towards the village. Lymm has a 17th century village cross atop a sandstone outcrop, complete with stocks for the baddies. It all rather reminded me of the games Fable and Skyrim. I was half expecting to see armour clad knights prancing about chasing damsels in distress. On this occasion however I did see a newly wed couple being shipped away on a renovated double decker bus. All very quaint and lovely.



Next time you’re bored and want to enjoy a little stroll about a nice lake and village you should visit Lymm Dam in Cheshire. Consider this post a review if you want, I just wanted to waffle on about my day out.

Denzel on his iPwn.



3 thoughts on “Art in trees

  1. These are beautiful photographs! I’m an art student and trees are one of my favorite things to sketch! 🙂 Love the post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing ❤

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